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SISTERS IN ART is a series of illustrations by incredible women artists from all around the world, that focus on female empowerment and independence, as well as the growing sense of sisterhood among modern women. From struggling mothers and self-discovering daughters, to deprived women of color and refugees — but also women warriors, magic girls, cunning witches and powerful superheroines, each illustration tells a different story about women who affect and inspire us every day, who overcome all obstacles and rise. Women who eventually teach us who we want to be!


The illustrations are produced in high quality art prints, and they are sold exclusively in the Black Tropicana store, here.

"Florid Eyes"

by Theano Giannezi

Flowers blooming in her eyes and courage thrives in her heart. Infinitive roots are growing all around and make the body disappear, inside a warm hug. In this hug, she holds tightly the seeds of life, as a guardian, a mother, a woman, a warrior. Now she can finally flourish from the most hidden parts of herself, and grow stronger by the waters of her tears. She is not alone; guardians like her exist all over the world, mysteriously connecting their hope and growing together. The magic of sisterhood.

About the artist

Theano Giannezi is a visual artist, working mostly in the fields of contemporary drawing, three dimensional collage, paper installation and paper-cutting. She was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where she got her Bachelor & Master's Degree in Fine Arts from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2016). She continued her studies in ISI Yogyakarta in Indonesia (2020), where she practiced the traditional technique of Seni Kriya Wayang Kulit. Through her artistic practices, she incorporates elements of nature, by engaging subjects as the meaning of human existence, with the intention of idealizing it, and exploring its connection to the natural environment and urban lifestyle. Her artworks have been presented in solo and group exhibitions, in galleries and cultural institutes in Europe and abroad.

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Florid Eyes illustration by Theano Giann
Tropicana by Suzanne Dias.jpg


by Suzanne Dias

I’ve always been fascinated with human faces; our emotions are so layered, complex and beautiful. Since I struggle a lot with expressing myself, the people I draw are usually just characters I create who can express my emotions for me. They represent my thoughts and feelings at that moment.

About the artist

Suzanne Dias is an illustrator and graphic designer at the Symbiosis Institute of Design who has decided to be an illustrator. Her style is fresh and spontaneous, distinguished by bright and gaudy colors that have made her an easily recognizable artist. Everyday life is her main form of inspiration including emotions, listening to a song, a film, a photograph and the surrounding nature.

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by Martina Francone

I firmly believe in female solidarity and I think that together we can achieve great things. Sisterhood makes us stronger.

Sisterhood by Martina Francone.jpg

About the artist

Martina is an illustrator based in Brighton, UK. Experiencing life is what influences her art the most. Since the age of 17 she started taking solo trips, which helped her get to know herself better, immerse herself in different cultures, meet locals and travellers, and that has definitely shaped her. She’s inspired by all forms of art, in which she tries to immerse herself as much as possible. She loves drawing people and plants.

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