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Mantility Logo.jpg

Mantility is a Greece-based store/gallery, selling premium quality, limited-edition silk scarves, designed by various artists, such as graphic designers, painters, architects, scenographers, graffiti artists, ceramists and photographers. It is the perfect blend of fashion and art. Its owner, the beautiful Vassiliki-Zafiria, asked me to create a pair of clay earrings, to be given as a gift along with the scarf Femme Fatale, featuring an illustration of a figure that acts as a symbol for the power of femininity and beauty, combined with a warm and calm colour palette, designed by Danae Sargologou. Which was right up my alley!

You can buy the Femme Fatale scarf at the Mantility shop, here. The earrings are also available to buy seperately via my store, here.

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