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Alexandra Buga owner of Black Tropicana.

For as long as I can remember, I always strived for self-expression through creation and communication. Creativity is like an inner flame — once ignited, it never ceases to blaze. And to be able to share your creativity with other people is as blissful as it is self-fulfilling.

I was lucky enough to study two fields that combined the two: Linguistics (communication) and Art Therapy (creativity). And although my academic background offered me a great deal, my path after graduating was still unclear to me. That is when I discovered this wondrous material called polymer clay and instantly fell in love with it.

Polymer clay provides endless potential in terms of shape, texture, color and pattern. In a way, it is the perfect material to play around with. And once I got the hang of it, my inspiration exploded: flora, fauna, art, graphic design, folklore, life. My newfound hobby soon turned into a full time occupation. I came up with a name that perfectly captured its essence: BLACK, representing the energy, strength and empowerment of contemporary women, and TROPICANA as symbol of their uniqueness, playfulness and peculiarity. My dream project was born.

BLACK TROPICANA is a woman-run business, entirely organized and operated by me. I thoroughly mold, cut and shape each piece exclusively by hand, taking all the necessary time needed to reach the highest level of quality. I pack and ship all orders myself, I manage communication and social media, I handle logistics, I take the photos, I update the website (and try to balance all that with raising my beautiful boy as well!). But most importantly, I put all my effort into bringing jewelry that is special and unique. Like you.

— Alexandra Buga

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